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On July 31st,2012 Nancy Grimes resigned from the Poseyville Clerk Treasurer position.  We wish you all the best and thank you for your service to our town.


 August 1st,2012 Stanley G. Forzley was sworn in as the new Poseyville Clerk Treasurer 

Stan is a Viet Nam veteran and a graduate of Illinois Benedictine University.  He is now retired after twenty years from A T & T International and twenty years working for the United States Postal Service.  He is currently the author of eight books and still continues his writing.  He will be serving as Clerk Treasurer for the balance of Ms. Grime’s term.



The Safe Routes to School side walk improvements should start in May as well. This state funded first phase goes from the south of Town on Sharp Street north to the Elementary school. So please be aware of the construction areas and the safety of our children.


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  • Preventing Burglaries
    First Meeting was held on October 13th
    Information was shared regarding protecting your property... Packets of information are available by calling the town hall at 812-874-2211

    Eliminate drafts:  keep basement and garage doors and

    Windows tightly closed, close off crawl space vents and doors, and seal cracks in basement walls or crawl spaces.

    Insulate pipes in any unheated part of the home (exterior walls, crawl spaces, basements, cabinets) or spaces where air cannot circulate.  Check for damp insulation; water soaked insulation can cause freeze-ups.

    Protect water meter.  Be sure the meter box cover is not broken, missing, or out of place.  Report broken or missing covers to the Water and Sewer Services.

    Protect outside faucets.  Drain outside faucets and sprinkler system if a separate shut-off is available.  Disconnect and drain garden hoses.  Check with a plumber about frost-proof faucets.  Caulk any space between the faucet and an outside wall.

    Open cabinet doors below sinks.  If a sink is located against an outside wall, open cabinet doors to allow warm air to reach water pipes.

    Drain pipes before extended vacations.